Celebrate Ramadan and Hari Raya with New Halal Dendeng and Premium Gift Sets

Prepare your Sahur & Iftar meals with ingredients from $4.10 onwards!

SINGAPORE, 01 APRIL – In this holy blessed month of Ramadan, Ellaziq is excited to introduce an exquisite selection of Halal culinary delights, tailor-made for Sahurs, Iftars and upcoming festive Hari Raya celebrations!

From the new tantalizing Dendeng gift sets to the recently imported Smiling Fish Biryani Jasmine Rice, Ellaziq’s diverse range promises to elevate your dining experience during this special time!

What’s New: Ready-To-Eat Dendeng Gift Sets

In the wake of the KFC Halal ‘Chicken Bak Kwa’ debut, those who missed out need not despair, as Ellaziq unveils yet another tantalizing rendition of meat jerky, perfect for the Raya festivities.
Anticipate the arrival of authentic El-Dina Dendeng Lembu and Dendeng Ayam Pedas, akin to the renowned KFC creation introduced during Lunar New Year.


Marinated with Rendang spices and infused with delicate lemongrass and kaffir lime notes, El-Dina Dendeng Lembu is expertly grilled and its symphony of authentic Indonesian flavours is bound to delight your taste buds. Other variation includes Dendeng Ayam Pedas, featuring slices of barbequed chicken jerky blended with fresh chilli, providing a harmony of spicy, sweet and charred notes.

The El-Dina Dendeng Lembu and Dendeng Ayam Pedas are available in New Gift Boxes of 5 pieces. Or get the Ramadan gift set to make it a perfect token of affection for your loved ones during this special season!

For A Speedy & Delicious Sahur

Exclusively imported by Ellaziq, the Smiling Fish Biryani Jasmine Rice (available in bundles of 1, 6, 12, 24 from $4.10) introduces a new convenient culinary delight. Savour the genuine flavours of Thailand with ready-cooked fragrant jasmine rice infused with Biryani spices, packed and primed for quick heating, promising a delightful meal experience in mere minutes.

Other assortment of items to complement your breaking-fast rituals includes:

Ideal for swift meals, the above items are the perfect hassle-free additions to any kitchen, offering the convenience needed for Sahur meals before embarking on fasting for the day! 

The above items are available via https://otsi.sg/product-category/halal-cornerwww.ellaziq.com,
as well as Ellaziq’s Shopee, LazMall, Qoo10 channels and selected FairPrice & Sheng Siong

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Ms Ong Shiya, E: shiya.ong@ots-holdings.com

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