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Kelly’s Jumbo Cheese Knacker Sausage [Frozen] 2x
Net Weight: 1.00kg per pack

– The delivery of your frozen items will be handled by Uparcel
– We will not be responsible for any delays due to late pick up or bad traffic conditions
– Deliveries to you will be arranged in the next 1-3 working days based on the time you selected
– Deliveries are available on weekdays ONLY
– If you have special request of deliveries, please indicate in the check out box, or message us directly
– If driver has attempted delivery and nobody to receive the parcel, or uncontactable, your item will placed at the doorstep, and no compensation given for damaged item
– If the item has been returned to us, there will be NO arranging of redelivery, you will have to either pick up the items directly from our factory (at the condition it has been returned at), or arrange a second delivery at your costs

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Kelly's Jumbo Cheese Knacker Sausage 1KG [Frozen] [Bundle of 2]

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